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Encounter limitless pleasure. There are two different ways you can use the Tryst during partnered sex: You can try it with the two arms posed upwards and the wider base on the bottom, or you can flip it around so that the base sits on top of the shaft and provides targeted clitoral stimulation, while the two arms reach down to stimulate the testicles.

At first glance is very different from sex toys in my past. It's shaped a bit like a flexible horseshoe, has 3 independent motors and is made of top-of-the-line body safe materials, but what truly makes the Tryst unique is its versatility. Designed to slip seamlessly down his cock, the Tryst is basically worn as a vibrating cock ring with some amazing benefits for the female partner.

For one thing, the Tryst can be applied to your cock in a number of ways, You can use it as a cock ring, wrapped around your hard-on (or around a soft-on that will gradually grow), or you can use it as a small but powerful wand; it has three different vibration points (I guess you'd call them) - one at the base and two vibrating arms that look like they're built for cradling a clit but feel delightful when applied to the sensitive head of your cock.

Furthermore, the pad on the bottom of the toy is textured for extra stimulation regardless of how or where you use it. It also features two semi-flexible bulbous arms with rounded tips - each designed to fit snuggly around the base of the penis or balls, not to mention fit nicely inside the pussy or asshole.

As if you need another reason for a Tryst, you can clasp, caress and stimulate the nipples, nose or navel. The revolutionary TRYST Multi Erogenous Zone Massager, designed with both men and women in mind, it is as versatile as your desire. Don't forget to scour our t oys for men for exciting new men's sex toys that target the penis and prostate.

Tryst massager can be used during coitus, as a cock ring. Tryst has three powerful motors, seven mind blowing massage modes, and separate controls for the arm and the base. And if her man uses it as a cock ring during sex, she how to use tryst multi-erogenous massager will also be at the receiving end of intense vibrations coming from the toy.

Featuring 3 powerful independent motors, two curved arms for clitoral stimulation and a contoured base for testicular stimulation, this couple's massager is as effective and versatile as you would want it to be. A pair of smooth silky arms with bulbous tips is strategically positioned to surround the clitoris in precise vibrations.

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